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Constellation Records
Where the stars reside
Housing Directory 
3rd-Mar-2006 07:26 pm

Housing Directory
Newer/younger bands are housed lower in the building, older/more experienced bands are housed higher in the building.
Each apartment has a gourmet kitchen with granite counter tops and a breakfast bar, spacious dining and living areas, oversized bedrooms with large walk-in closets, roomy bathrooms and individual storage areas.
Odd numbered floors have five bedrooms and two bathrooms, even numbered floors have six bedrooms and three bathrooms.

Ground Level - Lobby, Gym, Pool, Laundry Area
Level One -
Level Two -
Level Three -
Level Four -
Level Five -
Level Six -
Level Seven -
Level Eight - Day of Contempt
Level Nine - Panic! at the Disco
Level Ten - The Academy Is
Level Eleven - From First To Last
Level Twelve -
Level Thirteen -
Level Fourteen - Atreyu
Level Fifteen - Fall Out Boy
Level Sixteen - Avenged Sevenfold
Level Seventeen - Good Charlotte
Level Eighteen - My Chemical Romance
Level Ninteen - Mest
Level Twenty -
Penthouse - Party Floor & Bar
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