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Record labels either do not care enough about a band or try to control every detail of a band and their music if they believe they are 'marketable'. Constellation Records began in talks in 2005 by two people who were sick and tired of record labels from these two extremes. The founders believe in a philosophy of supporting each and every band they sign, but keep a hands-off approach when dealing with the artistic creativity of each group. After months of gathering money and talking with bands, Constllation Records opened its doors with the signing of From First To Last and The Academy Is... in February of 2006. Now they are looking to grow and help the music scene that has faltered in past years.

Currently, all bands are residing in a luxurious apartment building that was built right next to the main studio for Constellation Records. They are conveniently located just outside of Los Angeles and offer high measures of security to provide a safe enviroment, as well as luxury accomodations. If you're interested in joining our family, please see information on this website.


Constellation Records

1) First and foremost...the mods word is final! Please do not second guess or try and get around us because we will find out.

2) Post your application in the link entry that is set up. Please include:
-Character you would like:
-Second Character Choice:
-Your LJ:
-Your age:
-Your AIM:
-An email address:
-The saying at the end of the rules that proves you have read them:
-A small post letting us know that you're an intelligent person and you can play a character. This may include a small snippet of past RP'ing or perhaps a journal entry that demonstrates you can play a mature man:

After you have been notified by the mods you will need to join the community because all future posts will be friends locked. Then please create a post giving your AIM screen name and post it in your journal as well as in the community and comment to the entry we have for for all the screen names. Also we ask that you put up a disclaimer in your User Info stating that this is an RP and you are not the real person. As stupid as it sounds you will get people asking.

3) Any disputes or disagreements that get serious must be brought to the mods. We understand that this happens but we would like to know that way we can try to keep it from getting out of hand. Don't be a bitch about it and try to have the maturity level of someone capable of resolving their issues.

4) Personal shit will be taken care of outside of the RP. Bring it into the RP and you and your character will be asked to leave and removed from the community.

5) You MUST join the community and add it to your friends list and check it occasionally. Most communication or postings of information to the community members will be done through posts into this community and you will only be able to see it if you join the community. We suggest you also join the community and add it to your personal journal if you check that more often than your rp journal.

6) When playing please be mature. You are not playing a 12 yr-old fan girl. You are playing a mature man.

7) This is a slash community. If you do not like it then I suggest you do not even attempt to join. No girls will be allowed into the game as characters.

8) Try and stay active. We're not saying post an entry everyday or anything like that, but please try to update at least once a week and be on your screen name at lest 3 or 4 times a week. Otherwise your story line and the people you play with are screwed.

9) I know this is an RP but please try and keep it as realistic as possible. In that sense I mean that we know there will be drinking and depression but we do not want someone trying to commit suicide every other week because he didn't get what he wanted. Obviously no successful suicides. Also please note that we do not condone or tolerate criminal behavior. If you see fit that it has to be done please consult with the mod's and we may okay it as an exception and then the character will have to face the consequences, as would be the case in real life.

10) NO male pregnancies are going to be allowed. It is not possible, therefore we will not tolerate it. Please don't suggest it.

11) Because of the way our RP is set up most characters will be able to interact with one another. It is understandable that they will tour and the plan is to break up the record label and have half go off and do one tour while the others either do their own tour or stay at the apartments. Then they can rotate.

If your band would like to go off on it's own and tour make sure everyone that is going knows so there are no surprises. You can play the characters as not knowing but it is rude to do something like that to the person playing them. Then please let one of the mods know so we can get dates and all of that stuff.

Alright guys that's it. Hopefully you won't hear too much from us because that means that everything is going good. To prove you have read the rules pleas post: "Leather, Whips, and Chains" in your application comment.

All we can say is HAVE FUN!

Any questions consult the mods at crinklecrinkle or perfectxxdefect. We will also be playing William Beckett and Matt Good so we can also be reached at their screen names.