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Taken Characters 
3rd-Mar-2006 07:08 pm
Taken Characters
All bands allowed/welcome, even those not listed below.
Bands listed below with open members are just as suggestions/options.

We will consider allowing multiple characters if you can prove to us you can handle it.

Good Charlotte
Joel Madden - iamyour_madden
Billy Martin - wicked_virtue

Tony Lovato - poutylipslovato

My Chemical Romance
Frank Iero - notokay_promise
Gerard Way - disenchantedgee

Fall Out Boy
Pete Wentz - wont_find_out

The Academy Is...
William Beckett - slinky_beckett

Avenged Sevenfold
The Rev - therev_sullivan
Zacky Vengeance - vengeanceofa7x
Johnny Christ - tear_you_down
M Shadows - xshadowsofevilx
Synyster Gates -

From First to Last
Matt Good - goodxbadxugly
Derek Bloom - derek_blows

Day of Contempt
Ben Coight - this_cold_soul

Alex Varkatzas - fallintolust
Brandon Saller - buryinghatchets

Panic! at the Disco
Brendon Urie - urie_isthedisco

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